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Industry Players Discuss Rumours About Stonebwoy-Blakk Cedi-Kelyvn Boy Feud In The Burniton Music Camp

Rumours and speculations making rounds on various entertainment blogs in Ghana have it that there is confusion in the camp of Ghanaian Reggae/Dancehall artiste, Livingstone Etse Satekla popularly known as Stonebwoy and it has to do with his artiste, Kelvyn Boy leaving his Burniton Record Label and secretly being signed onto Stonebwoy’s manager, Blakk Cedi’s Blakk Arm Record Label.

These rumours and speculations are somehow believed to the true or having an iota of truth after it was discovered that Kelvyn Boy had unfollowed his boss, Stonebwoy on Instagram. As we speak, Kelyvn Boy has removed all booking details of Burniton Record Label from his social media pages and replaced with his personal contact details for bookings.

Stonebwoy, Blakk Cedi and Kelvyn Boy have all not opened up about the rumours and speculations which have become the topic of discussion on various entertainment platforms. Based on their posts on social media, it seems there is an iota of truth in rumours about their separation.

There is another twist to the rumours and speculations which claims that Stonebwoy’s wife, Dr Louisa Satekla is likely to be his manager once Blakk Cedi is out of the picture. According to the rumours, it’s this reason why Stonebwoy embarked on his European tour with her.

Well, some industry players and critics during a discussion with Zionfelix on Zionfelix TV have shared their honest opinions about the rumoured feud between Stonebwoy, Blakk Cedi and Kelvyn Boy.

The panel of three-member entertainment critics or industry players who thoroughly discussed the issue were the Chief Executive Officer of 3Music Awards, Saqik Abu, Arnold Asamoah Baidoo of and Coker of Roverman Productions.

According to Arnold Asamoah Baidoo who broke the news about the feud between Stonebwoy, Blakk Cedi and Kelvyn Boy on, it was based on their reliable sources in the camp of Burniton Music Group. Even though they’re speculations but there is an iota of truth in there.

Arnold Asamoah Baidoo in his submission claimed that the feud between Stonebwoy and his manager, Blakk Cedi stemmed from misunderstandings over monetary transactions during Stonebwoy’s “Shuga Tour”. Remember, Blakk Cedi returned to Ghana leaving Stonebwoy and his wife in Europe.

On the question of whether Stonebwoy or Blakk Cedi is the cause the feud in the Burniton Music Group, Arnold Asamoah Baidoo honestly said that he cannot confirm it but from his sources close to Stonebwoy and Blakk Cedi, things aren’t going on well between them.

Again, Stonebwoy’s wife’s active involvement in the Burniton Music Group is another cause of the feud or confusion in the camp of the Burniton Music Group according to Arnold’s reliable sources close to Blakk Cedi.

Sadiq Abu sharing his opinion on the issue stated that even though he hasn’t read much about their feud but he prays and hopes that Stonebwoy and his manager, Blakk Cedi act as mature men and solve their issues because they’ve been together for many years and going their separate ways should be the last thing on their minds now.

Sadiq Abu detailing the number of years Stonebwoy and Blakk Cedi have worked together dated it back to when Stonebwoy wasn’t in the limelight. According to Sadiq, Blakk Cedi was with Stonebwoy even before his former manager, Karl resigned and over the years, he has achieved a lot with Stonebwoy.

Coker of Roverman Productions came in and pleaded with the media to exercise patience and dig deep into the issue to ascertain whether it’s true or not before jumping into conclusions. According to Coker, Stonebwoy’s former manager, Karl resigned because of a similar issue and it affected Stonebwoy’s brand negatively for some time until things were straightened.

Back to Arnold Asamoah Baidoo on the issue of whether Stonebwoy’s brand has helped Kelvyn Boy in any way, he stated without mincing words that no one can deny that Kelvyn Boy as a signed artiste hasn’t benefitted from Stonebwoy’s clout or influence.

Sadiq Abu on the question of whether he would be surprised if Stonebwoy and his manager, Blakk Cedi separates or not, he stated that it will be heartbreaking looking at how far Stonebwoy and Blakk Cedi have journeyed on from grass to grace.

He continued that Stonebwoy is on his way to achieving global greatness and one person who has made all these possible is his manager, Blakk Cedi, and that it will be unfair they part ways.

Sadiq Abu concluded that the future looks great for Stonebwoy and his manager, Blakk Cedi, which is a good reason for them to stick together.

Stonebwoy has landed in Ghana with his wife, Dr Louisa Satekla, from their European tour and all eyes are on him to respond to the rumours and speculations about the feud between himself, Blakk Cedi and Kelvyn Boy.

Pictures and videos of Stonebwoy and his wife on their European tour indicate that they had a wonderful time together in Europe. will follow up and update its cherished and discerning readers about the current happenings int the camp of Stonebwoy’s Burniton Music Group.


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