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I’m Traumatised And In Pain – Juliet Ibrahim Reacts To Xenophobic Attacks In South Africa

Beautiful and curvaceous Ghanaian Nigeria-based actress, Juliet Ibrahim has reacted to the xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals living in South Africa.

Juliet Ibrahim in her post on Instagram sympathised with victims of the xenophobic attacks and shared a little of her experience during the civil war in Liberia.

According to Juliet Ibrahim, she is a victim of 3 civil wars and that she understands and feels the pain of the victims of the South African xenophobic attacks.

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The Author of “A Toast of Life” wrote: “I have been speechless for days now. As a victim of 3 civil wars I have been traumatized, in pain, tears and confusion cus I know what it feels like to go through what those foreigners are going through in South Africa and currently what’s going on now in Nigeria. Do we have to end up killing and hurting more innocent people to make our point? What happened to using the voice we have as one people to send a message out instead of violence? 
Violence is never the answer! 

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Africa must unite. We are one people. We are one country! 
I believe in a United States of Africa but brothers and sisters the mindset and change starts with you and I. 
Those changes starts from right in our homes; the conversations we have with our families, the way we speak to our neighbors, how we interact with our colleagues and employees. It does NOT matter to which Tribe or country I am from, I AM AN AFRICAN. We are AFRICANS.
Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery because none but ourselves can free our minds. #AfricaUnite#LoveNotWar #healtheworld#StopTheHate #AtoastToLife#brotherskeeper #SayNoToXenophobia”.


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