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IG Users Kill Fella Makafui’s Music Career As They Suggest Trashy Names Such As “Mfui”, “Fui”, “Makafool” & Others For Her Fanbase

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Following Sister Derby’s song titled “Sweet ex” dedicated to her ex-boyfriend, Medikal, Fella Makafui has also to turn into a musician overnight just to reply her rival, Sister Derby with a song.

Before Fella Makafui decided to drop her song titled “Over”, she asked her followers to suggest a name for her fanbase as every musician in Ghana now has a fanbase name. I do not know who even introduced that nonsense in the first place.

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Fella Makafui on her Instagram and Twitter handles asked; “What should we call our fan base ?? 🤓”.

In fact, tweeps really gave her some trashy names and I’m sure by now, she is thinking of quitting music after dropping her first trashy song.

Some people on the internet are too mean and should be banned from the internet.

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Some suggested these trashy names for her fanbase; “Megye wo boy fan club”, “Makafools”, “Ofui”, “Fui’s”, “FuiNation”, “Ofui nation”, “La-fuis”, “Fuigang”, “Trumu fans”, “Mfuis” and a whole lot of trashy names!

Swipe to the right to see all the trashy names people suggested for Fella Makafui’s fanbase.–Jkjhj4Eb/

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