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IG Gossip Mongers Claim Kalybos Has Been Luring Girls Into Bed With Ghc50 Pizza

IG Gossip Mongers Claim Kalybos Has Been Luring Girls Into Bed With Ghc50 Pizza

There is a hot gossip on the Instagram page of ThoseCalledCelebs and it is all about Kalybos and other male Ghanaian celebrities who lure girls into bed with just Ghc50 Pizza and 2 bottles of coke.

Eating Pizza in Ghana is a social status so don’t be surprised to hear that some smart male celebrities are capitalising on that to lure pretty ignorant ladies into bed.

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With just Ghc50 Pizza, 2 bottles of coke and some sugarcoated words, the average Ghanaian girl wouldn’t mind opening her legs for a guy─and that’s some real truth.

ThoseCalledCelebs has alleged that comedian Kalybos and other male celebrities are in the habit of luring girls into bed with Ghc50 Pizza and after having a taste of these girls, they dump them like garbage.

In another screenshot, a Ghanaian lady recounted how smart Kalybos wanted to sleep with her after they exchanged contacts during one of their movie premieres in Sunyani.

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According to the lady, Kalybos became furious and deleted her number after she refused to meet him in Kumasi at Golden Tulip hotel, where Kalybos was lodging.

In the name Ghc50 pizza and 2 bottles of coke, some male celebrities are sleeping with pretty ladies without paying a dime!

Read the below screenshots.

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