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Ibrah One Has Coronavirus

Ibrah One Has Coronavirus

If there are jokes one can create about anything in this world, it shouldn’t be about coronavirus but Ibrah One’s wife decided to create one dry joke about coronavirus while in bed with him.

Young Ghanaian millionaire, Ibrah One’s wife, says he has coronavirus in a video posted on Instagram and this I think it’s an expensive joke which shouldn’t be tolerated.

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Ibrah One and wife who have been locked down in their home due to coronavirus were having a nice time in bed and then boom! His wife jokingly discloses that he has coronavirus.

So far no government official or celebrity in Ghana has been confirmed to have caught coronavirus as it’s happening in other countries such as the US, UK and others.

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UK’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has been moved into the intensive care unit as his condition worsens.

Ibrah One’s wife says he has coronavirus, a joke or we should take her seriously and quarantine him?

Watch the video below…

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