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I Support Kwame A-Plus’ “TPP” And I Want To Join – Sarkodie

BET Award winner and CEO of Sarkcess Music, Sarkodie has expressed interest in joining fellow musician, Kwame A-Plus’ “The Peoples Project” (TPP) which is aimed at causing a change in Ghana’s political system dominated by two political parties ─ NDC and NPP.

A-Plus’ ideology is simple ─ to have one million eligible voters onto his TPP to demand what’s due ordinary Ghanaians from Ghanaian politicians who even though make promises to the people during elections but forget about it when they finally find themselves in power.

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A-Plus’ TPP’s objectives make a lot of sense looking at the kind of politicians we have in Ghana.

Sarkodie who has followed A-Plus’ TPP seems to have an interest in joining the movement to cause a change in Ghana’s political system judging from his tweets concerning A-Plus’ TPP.

Sarkodie on Twitter had the following to say about A-Plus’ TPP:

“I see my brother A Plus trying to form the people’s party that’s us as a people not NPP or NDC supporters and I love the concept. I support it .. Need more details on how it works… So we all can join and have the power to decide who stays in power.

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We need to take the power back into our hands , let’s forget this NPP NDC things and look at our future … We need change.

Till we as a people come together as one to determine who gets the power to rule, we will still b stuck with leaders who can get away with bad governance and we just fall back in that same cycle over and over again”.

Already, some Ghanaian celebrities have joined the TPP and championing it on their various social media pages and Sarkodie happens to join the bandwagon.


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