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I Don’t Believe There’s Hell, Everyone Will Go To Heaven – Nikki Samonas

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Actress Nikki Samonas, 34, has shared her opinion on the issue of whether or not there is a place called hell where sinners will be burned eternally for going against God’s words.

The beautiful believes that no one is going to hell since everyone is a child of the Most High God and every child of God deserves a better place afterlife, we’re all going to Heaven after death.


Nikki Samonas believes as a child of God, all one needs to do is to be a positive person and once that’s done, Heaven will be a sure place for him or her.

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The actress said: “Everyone will go to Heaven, once you’re a child of God you’ll go to heaven and we’re all children of God because he created us all.”

I can’t tell if hell is real. I don’t really believe it’s real, I don’t want to even think about it. Nobody wants pain, agony or torture. So to me, Hell is nonexistent. I’ll always think positive and I want my friends and family to think same”.

Even though the Christians may not believe her assertion but according to Nikki Samonas, since no one is a child of Satan, we’ll all make it to Heaven.




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