I Do Not Believe In God – Wanlov Kubolor

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Wanlov Kubolor

Ghanaian musician, Wanlov Kubolor has revealed that he doesn’t believe in God as the majority of Ghanaians believe in some supernatural Being living above the skies.

Wanlov Kubolor during an interview on Joy FM for the 10th time insisted that he doesn’t believe in God.

“I don’t believe in God. I just believe in people’s belief in God because I can see them actually believing in God but me directly I don’t believe in God or gods but I believe in your belief”, he said.

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He continued that: “I went to Christ the King School and the first time I went for confession, the priest said I should recite some things and confess but I told him I have nothing to confess but he insisted I confess.

He asked me to confess three sins and I couldn’t think of anything bad I had done so I lied to him that I stole my sister’s book which I knew my sister didn’t have so I had to create sins by confessing fake sins”.

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Wanlov Kubolor revealed how he was forced to speak tongues during his secondary school days in Adisadel College.

“When I was in ADISCO, I was a member of the Scripture Union where they trained me on how to speak in tongues. They told me to touch my Adam’s apples and make some weird sounds and asked me to go and practice”, he revealed.