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Hypocrite Salma Mumin Eulogizes Her Dead Friend Whom She Was At Loggerheads With For 3 Years

Hypocrite Salma Mumin Eulogizes Her Dead Friend She Was At Loggerheads With For 3 Years

A social media user has described actress Salma Mumin as a hypocrite for celebrating one of her real friends she was at loggerheads with for 3 years after her sudden and painful death.

According to Salma Mumin in a fresh Instagram post, she wasn’t in talking terms with her dead friend, Trudy Mawusi Kuvodu, for 3 years and had decided to make things right but due to her busy schedule, she still couldn’t make peace with her.

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Salma Mumin claims she was busy and couldn’t make peace with her but had the time to post her obituary poster on Instagram and write a long and boring message to tell the world how she misses her? That’s some first-class hypocrisy.

Salma Mumin’s long, boring and hypocritical post about her dead friend whom she never spoke to for 3 years reads;

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Hmmmmm even though we stopped talking for over 3 years, rating all my relationships with friends, I think you are still the best BESTIE God brought my way.
Hey I knew you loved me regardless and I did too.
ON THE 31st of last year I went to church and they gave me a sheet of paper to where down my new year’s resolutions.
YOUR NAME WAS ACTUALLY ON THAT PAPER TRYDY! Said to myself I needed to talk to you this 2020, I got so busy in January working on launching @lure_by_salma and @salmamuminfoundation and the rest. The intention was to come find you this February and invite you for the launch of @lure_by_salma only for you to put me in this kind of shock. Trudy you didn’t try 😩😫 how do you expect me to feel about this whole situation Trudy? How? I miss you so much. #rip we definitely meeting again. 💕”.

You never made peace with her when she was alive so what’s the sense in the above boring and hypocritical post?

Trudy is dead and cannot read the above useless post! Salma Mumin is just a hypocrite gallivanting around social media!

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