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Hunger Sets In As Failed Musician, Diamond Appiah, Begs Her ‘Poor’ Fans To Advertise With Her On Instagram

Diamond Appiah Busted For 'Stealing' A Picture Of Gold-plated Ceramic WC From Google And Claiming That's What She Uses In Her Mansion

One of Ghana’s failed musicians and politicians, Diamond Appiah, who also claims to be rich is now begging her ‘poor’ fans to advertise with her on Instagram—so that she could make some peanuts to feed her broke a*s.

Her fans are shocked and questioning why she’s begging for adverts after claiming and bragging about being rich— with mansions and cars? Something might be wrong somewhere.

It’s obvious that hunger has set in—and she needs some money from direct ads to feed her broke self. One of her fans shouted; “Eiii with all ur money 😳😳😳😳😳 u said u have money ooo. Please I hope it for free ooo.”

I think her celebrity friends such as Afia Schwar, Tracey Boakye and others should set up a GoFundMe account for Diamond Appiah before things get out of hand or before she hits the streets and start begging the very people who has been referring to as poor for money.