Hunger Alert: Elikem Kumordzie Is Selling Unapproved Woven Kente Face Mask For Ghc85

Hunger Alert: Elikem Kumordzie Is Selling Unapproved Woven Kente Face Mask For Ghc85
Elikem Kumordzie's unapproved face mask

Is it that Elikem Kumordzie is hungry and wants to milk cash out of fashion addicts in this coronavirus pandemic or he is just being wicked and greedy?

Everyone is trying to capitalise on coronavirus pandemic to cash out hugely and Elikem Kumordzie isn’t letting the opportunity slip. He is selling unapproved woven Kente face mask for a cutting throat price of Ghc85 and that’s wickedness and greediness.

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How much is even the face masks approved by the World Health Organisation (WHO) which is capable of protecting people from being infected by deadly coronavirus?

Elikem Kumordzie’s unapproved face mask is going for Ghc85! Apparently, Elikem’s move is to make enough money to fuel his brand new customised Benz Brabus car which he flaunted on Instagram earlier today.

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The fashion addicts who do not care about their health are likely to jump on Elikem’s Ghc85 woven Kente face mask in the name of taking pictures for Instagram likes and comments.

Promoting his ridiculous Ghc85 woven Kente face mask on Instagram, Elikem wrote;

“85ghc Woven Kente Poece. . BREATHABLE … Adjustable nose rod. Open vent to insert filter PAD
Self tying strings to get preferred tightness.”

Some Ghanaians have roasted him for being wicked and insensitive in this coronavirus pandemic where people even find it difficult to feed.


Maverick Kugbey “👎👎👎 Masa we can’t breathe through this thing sef and you’re selling at this price 85gh… 5gh kwraa some can’t buy!!!wicked Ghanaian 😏😏 @elikemkumordzie”.

Iamselfmade_08: “Doctors say we should wear cotton nose mask u go wave this hard Kente make we wear how are we going to breathe”.

Iamfebuarysluv: “85gh credits can feed family of 5. Ey3 a as3 you live in jupitar. Obi kente na u saw finish no, price neeeee. Eeeeeiiiii”.

Fuccinlegend6: “It’s nice but expensive considering the situation we find ourselves”