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How To Travel From South Africa To Canada

How To Travel From South Africa To Canada

Stats showed South Africans are one of the few African countries who normally detest traveling abroad, the fact is whatever thing that would trigger them to travel is already in their country.

Looking at it from the educational perspective, they are blessed with one of the best educational institutions which see the enrollment of their fellow Africans every year. Also in the health sector, they are globally recognized as one of the best countries to treat hepatitis b and cancer.

It is very rare to see a political head or business magnate traveling to Europe or America for medical treatment. They also have one of the most stabilized economies and are also a hub for several big companies like Vodacom Group and Anglo American Plc.

Thanks to their rich resources like gold, diamond, and iron ore the country has been able to create a welcoming environment for its hardworking citizens. Despite the presence of several goodies available to enjoy, there are still some citizens who would still prefer to travel abroad probably for personal reasons.

Today we look at how to travel from South Africa to Canada, travelling to Canada as a South African may be on the account of going as a student, a worker, or migrating completely.

Through the work route

Normally with the work process, you apply through express entry, which is a medium created by the Canadian government to employ foreigners who are skilled in a field. The skill can be a truck driver or an IT personnel, qualified applicants are then picked by the Canadian government and sent an invitation letter. They then present the invitation letter to the consular at their Canadian embassy in South Africa then a visa is issued to them. You then buy your plane tickets and do the necessary health checkup to confirm you are healthy before living.

Traveling as a student

In case you want to try a different environment due to the many good things heard about Canada, you apply to your preferred school and present all the necessary documents which a language proficiency exam certificate is mandatory.

After being selected, you show proof of funds and do the necessary health screening then go for your visa interview. Usually, as a South African, you will need to convince the consular why you chose Canada and also show evidence of enough funds. If everything goes through you buy your plane ticket and travel.

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