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How Tall Is Jack Nicholson?

Known for playing the Joker’s character in the Batman movie released in 1989, Jack Nicholson saw it all in his prime from the numerous features in movies.

Born and raised in New Jersey by a single mother who worked as a dancer to cater to him, Jack never knew his biological father.

He had a short stint with the country’s security and fire service department before finally diverting into acting. In today’s write up we are going to look at how tall is Jack Nicholson.

Full Name: John Joseph Nicholson

Date of birth: 22nd April 1937

Age: 85

Nationality: American 

Occupation: Actor and movie producer

Height: 176.5cm

Weight: 78kg

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Gray

Religion: Atheist

Jack Nicholson just like some actors and actresses isn’t blessed with height, the actor who has been spotted soo many times on the red carpets and movie premiers has a very short height. Per analysis, he stands 176.5cm tall which makes him a short man.

His colleague actress Carol Kane once revealed how the veteran actor is soo obsessed with acting alongside female actresses he’s taller than. She said:

Jack prefers the actresses with whom he works to be on the short side. I wasn’t tall, so I was immediately in. The reason for this is that he is no more than five foot seven or so himself. When he has no other choice but to play opposite a lanky actress, he will wear elevator shoes.

In his published book the writer revealed how Jack’s height stopped increasing at a point in his life.

”He’s no heavy. I could take him with one hand. He’s a balding, middle-aged, midget. Did you know he was only five foot seven? 

Veteran British singer and actress Hazel O’Connor once revealed how upon arriving at the actor’s party realized the actor was soo short although the screens portrayed him as a tall person

”Jack is my favorite actor of all time so I was really excited about going to this party. I was shocked by how small he seemed. I’m 5ft 4in and it felt as if he was only just taller than me.” 

That answers the question of how tall is Jack Nicholson.

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