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How Slay Queen Lawyer, Sandra Ankobiah, Made Over $100,000 From One Of Her Rich Clients In Accra – Full Gist

VIDEOS: Slay Queen Lawyer, Sandra Ankobiah, Puts Her Heaped Front Goodies On Display While Vacationing In Mexico

Lawyer Sandra Ankobiah is smart and knows her way around her rich local and international clients. She’s not dumb like the others whose only source of income is sleeping with rich married folks.

Aside from allegedly pimping young girls to big men for a commission, she’s into buying and selling properties and according to Cutie_Juls, she once made over $100,000 as her paycheck for legal involvement in selling a property for one of her rich clients in Accra.

Read the full gist about Sandra Ankobiah below…

“Dear all, can we take a moment and encourage some young girls out there?

Like we said before, the gist going round was sent to us as far back as March but you know why we didn’t make post them? Because it was just full of lapses. Let’s give credit where credit is due.

Yes Sandra is not a saint. Yes she dates some rich dudes yes even when she was with the R2bees guys yes.

But honey, do you know Sandra is a lawyer and one of her majors is property law? Do you know how many Trasacco, vilagio etc landlord clients that Sandra has?

We’ve said it before and we’re saying it again! Sandra one time made more $100k as her pay check for legal involvement in selling a property for one of her rich clients in Accra. Okay even if she pays 20% tax on that money, how much will be left?

If estate agents can make $10k, $20 + on renting out single properties and live lavishly then how much do you think Sandra and co as top property lawyers in the country will be making?

The problem is a good percentage of social media users only came out with pass marks in basic education and their education ends there so do not take time to read or research extra. Yes there are girls out there whose success stories cannot be written with the involvement of sugar daddies but Sandra Ankobiah isn’t one of them. Yes of course she will definitely get some good dollars from some boyfriends etc but honey the girl makes very good money career wise but the truth is her Porsche wasn’t bought by Gabby. That is the honest truth. From our findings, that man is a typical stingy Akyem man who makes sure he gets value for his money. The only time one gets much from him is when the person has actually worked for him and not when he f*cks pussy. Like hell. GHC600k for p*ssy? Are you people being serious right now?

Does Gabby appear like mumu to Una? 😩😩😩 let’s call a spade a spade. That’s not the kind of money Gabby will splash on a woman at a go.

If you say Sandra got the car by saving up some money from work and maybe some extra curriculum activities yes but the the crap of Gabby bought for her like doll, how many luxury cars has the said Gabby bought for himself between 2020 and 2021? 😩😩”.