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How Ghana’s Biggest Pop Star, Gemann, Became Convicted Murderer In The 90s And Spent 14 Years In Prison

How Ghana's Biggest Pop Star, Gemann, Became Convicted Murderer In The 90s And Spent 14 Years In Prison

A burgeoning career for promising Ghanaian dancer Gemann Geeman aka “Ghana Michael Jackson” was abruptly truncated when he was convicted of murder in the 90s.

His replica “Moon walk’ dance of Michael Jackson was a reason for many Ghanaians to believe at that time that Geeman was a gifted pop star whose rise to the top will be organic and everlasting.

Just like wishes are not horses like beggars will ride, Gemann was hit by a suit which saw him count all his losses and name them one by one. In a short time, his fame diminished, his reputation dented and his life took a nosedive.

What is the story behind the sudden downfall of Ghanain pop star Gemann Geeman and why was he convicted of murder?

Let’s get into it.

Geeman was a Ghanaian dance champion long before I was born, sometime in the 1970s, with a style that was a carbon copy of Michael Jackson’s style.

Geeman later won the title of the best dancer in the world and embarked on a global tour with his Michael Jackson dance and music style.

Jagapee paid a visit to his friend Gemann, who was expecting a visitor, Nadia, a lady friend who aspired to be an actress. They were three when they arrived at Geeman’s house. Jagger Pee, Geeman, and another lady named Vic.

Nadia arrived in a taxi and informed Geeman that the fare was 3000 Cedis (30 pesewas today). The driver disagreed, claiming that the agreed-upon fare was 4000 Cedis rather than 3000 Cedis.

Geeman insisted on paying 3000 and threw the cash into the taxi. The driver departed and returned a few minutes later. This time, he came to collect the sand beneath Gemann’s footprint to use it to spiritually objectify him.

It irritated Geeman to no end. Geeman went to his room, grabbed a pistol, and went straight to his friends and driver. Jagger Pee was holding the driver at the time to keep him from fleeing.

Geeman fired some warning shots as well as a direct shot at the driver. The driver was killed instantly. Vic, Jagger Pee, Nadia, and Geeman were the four people arrested.

Nadia and Vic were acquitted and discharged after several years in court. Jagapee was sentenced to life in prison for aiding and abetting the crime, while the main perpetrator, German, was sentenced to death.

When they filed an appeal, Jagapee’s sentence was reduced to two years in retrospect, but Geeman’s verdict was upheld.

Because no president has approved a death sentence since late 1993, everyone on the death roll is automatically sentenced to life in prison.

When President Kufour granted some Ghanaians pardons before leaving office in 2009, Geeman was included on the list. In a recent interview, Geeman stated that the family of the deceased taxi driver petitioned the court to have him released.

The world was at Jagapee’s feet in the 1990s; today, things have taken a sour turn against him. He didn’t pull the trigger, and he didn’t even have a gun, but he was the one who held the victim.

To him, he was preventing the victim from taking the sand away from Geeman before he was shot. It didn’t make a difference.

Geeman is now an International Evangelist who travels the world preaching the Gospel.

Geeman saw it as God’s way of locating him. Jagger Pee would disagree if he had heartache and no money to fix it. The good news is that he received assistance and was able to undergo surgery.

With his reputation in shambles and thus unappealing for roles, Jagger Pee travelled to the UK and overstayed for five years.

He was deported somewhere in 2006 and returned to the film industry, but with little success. He is currently appearing in the well-known Chorkor Trotro.