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Houses For Rent In West Hollywood

West Hollywood, a city found in the heart of California has a population of 36 million, which is the average worker living in a basement or a five-bedroom apartment depending on the size of his family.

Real estate and housing seem to be a very booming businesses living all across the country, especially in West Hollywood. Today we are going to look at houses for rent in West Hollywood.

9505 LANIA Ln

Located in the heart of Beverly, it is a 12-bedroom apartment fully furnished with everything to ensure one’s comfort including a swimming pool. It goes for an amount of $295,000.

315 S Hudson Ave

Located in Los Angeles, it features a 7-bedroom fit for a married man and his kids. To rent it one would have to pay $150,000.

9066 St Ives Dr

Found in the western side of Los Angeles, it is probably one of the nicest three-bedroom houses to get around. It goes for $85,000 monthly.

6530 Zuma view PI

Found on the central side of the city of Malibu, it is a four-bedroom house and has an indoor pool. It goes for $67,500 monthly.

1254 Roberto Ln

Located in the city of bel air, it is a beautiful four-bedroom house. It has a very beautiful outlook design with amazing interior decoration. It charges $50,000 monthly.

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