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Hollywood Theatre St. Joseph Mo

It is one of the most attended movie studios found in America. Over the years, it has been used to premier countless blockbuster movies. Hollywood Theatre St. Joseph Mo suffered the biggest business blow when its services were halted during the Covid-19 pandemic. Visitors were stopped from visiting and movie premieres ceased.

It was the first place to witness the African-based Marvel movie Black Panther, stats showed over thousands of people showed up with tickets being sold out. Attendees had the opportunity of taking pictures with their favorite movie personalities such as Michael Jordan, Lupita N’yong, Dominique Thorne, and Mabel Cadena.

The movie which is currently one of the highest-grossing movies chalked huge success. It also premiered the DC comic movie Black Adam which the actor The Rock played the lead role. The movie which was also produced by The Rock movie company in collaboration with other production firms grossed millions when it was released.

Tickets were sold out beyond the budgeted amount. Ticket buyers also got refreshments when they purchase the ticket.

Hollywood theatre St. Joseph Mo is currently the busiest movie theatre as all production companies have entered into a collaboration with them to broadcast their movies. The venue is said to attract a lot of multitudes in times of movie premiers and movie producers also make a lot of money.

It also has a first-class restaurant and chicken inn nearby where movie watchers can pass to get a bite of their favorite meal.

Hollywood theatre St. Joseph Mo just like any other business faced a downhill during the Covid-19 era when all businesses were forced to shut down. The studio was shut down for more than a year which caused the management a lot of money with some of the staff having to be laid off.

Currently, the management of the theatre has laid out certain Covid-19 protocols that demand visitors to adhere to before entering.

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