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Hit-Boy Reveals He Had Millions In 2012 But Was Broke And Penniless By 2017

Hit-Boy Reveals He Had Millions In 2012 But Was Broke And Penniless By 2017

Hit-Boy was candid on DJ Akademiks ‘Off the Record’ podcast and according to him, he was swimming in millions in 2012 after producing “N-s in Paris‘ for Jay-Z and Kanye West but before 2017, he was back to ground zero with no dime in his account.

The producer says he became a father Christmas and invited all his neighborhood broke friends into a home he bought in Tarzana, California.

Shockingly, these charity case friends also brought their other broke friends which became unbearable financially and ultimately left him hard up once again.

Via Vlad;

Hit-Boy recently sat down for an interview on DJ Akademiks’ “Off the Record” podcast, and he spoke about how he was making millions after producing Jay-Z and Kanye’s hit song “N***as in Paris.” 

The famed producer explained that after the money was rolling in, he bought a house in Tarzana, California, where he lived with his friends. Hit-Boy then revealed that those friends invited their friends and others to also move into the house.

Hit-Boy explained that the situation was becoming out of control with all of the people living there, but hestated that when you come up from nothing, you want to provide for the people around you.

He then added that things don’t always end up working out in those situations, and Hit-Boy went on to reveal that from between 2012 to 2017, he blew through millions.

Hit-Boy stated, “I turned up 2012, by 2017, I was laying on the ground with zero dollars in my account after having millions.”

Well, Hit-Boy gladly worked his way up to the millions once again, with a reported net of $7 million. Hopefully, he stays away from broke friends with no business or investment ideas.

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