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“He’s Not Even Ashamed” – Ghanaians Blast Dr Bawumia For Posing With Pupils Studying Without Desks

"He's Not Even Ashamed" - Ghanaians Blast Dr Bawumia For Posing With Pupils Studying Without Desks

Ghanaians have descended on Vice President Bawumia for posing with pupils sitting on the floor and studying without desks.

The viral photo actually gives a sad account of how some schools in remote Ghana are struggling with basic amenities like desk, proper classroom and a reliable supply of teaching and learning materials to augment the learning process.

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Some Ghanaians after seeing the photo on social media got pissed and descended on Bawumia for spotting the problems of Ghana but doing nothing to solve them as they promised in 2016 and 2020.

Here are some reactions from Ghanaians…

Prof Stal wrote: Ah but this picture is old. He wasn’t even a Vice President at then. Charlie delete. No be everything you for use do agenda. Ah what this?

Biitka wrote: This particular picture is old, it was furnished with desks after he had visited the school…. That was in 2016 or 2017…

Ghana Ba replied: Show us a picture of the furnished classrooms,don’t come here and say what you’ve no idea about!!

Don Mourinho wrote: Non of these kids will become president. Non will rise to become ministers. I see zero MPs. Assemblymen and women cos90. NPP will be NPP and NDC will be NDC. The elites families will continue to be elites. The poor majority should think about themselves.

Edudzi wrote: Didn’t even feel ashamed to want a pic with the kids. Smh.