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Halle Bailey’s Sister Ski Bailey Drags Rapper DDG For Claiming To Have Broken Up With Halle

Halle Bailey's Sister Ski Bailey Drags Rapper DDG For Breaking Up With Halle

Okay, rapper DDG and Halle Bailey sparked breakup rumors after they unfollowed each other on Instagram, and DDG deleted all images of Bailey on his page. The rapper added a cryptic post that all women are the same with a crying emoji.

Although Halle Bailey did not come public, her sister Ski Bailey was swift to hop on social media and blasted DDG without confirming what really transpired. According to Ski, Halle is not like all the other ladies DDG dated so he dares not treat her as such.


Also, DDG dared not drag Halle on social media after a fight. Ski went further and called DDG dumb and stupid. Bit of overreaction, especially when she has no idea what transpired between the couple.

Well, the drama queen (Ski) came back a few minutes later and told her fans and Halle supporters that her sister said nothing was going on in her relationship, but she failed to apologize to DDG.


Via VladTV;

Ever since DDG scrubbed his Instagram page of all things, Halle Bailey, fans have been in an uproar over the potential split of the young celebrity couple. To make matters even more suspicious, DDG unfollowed Halle on IG before posting a cryptic tweet that read, “all these girls the same [crying emoji] ain’t no way.” In response, Halle’s big sister, Ski, took exception, and she too hopped on social media to offer up a scathing rebuttal.

“DDG…bruh…what’s wrong with you?” Asked Ski. “Halle’s not like the ones you’ve been with. You will not treat her the way that you’ve treated these others. I don’t give a freak if y’all had issues going on. That’s what you won’t do; please understand that…You’re not gonna do her like the way you didn’t everybody else. You’re not gonna come to social media to try to put her on blast and insinuate or put out something that makes it seem like she was doing something that she wasn’t doing. You need to pipe down and get yourself together. If ya’ll are broke up, then you need to just unfollow and just keep it pushing. You don’t have to like that talking about ‘All these girls are the same.’ Are you dumb? Are you stupid?” 

Shortly after the video went viral, Ski returned with an update for her fans and an apology. It appears as though things between her younger sister and DDG were blown out of proportion.

“My bad y’all. I spoke to sis, and ain’t nothing going on lol,” she wrote. “Let me go back to drinking my water and minding the business that pays me.”

Ski really needs to mind her business if she can’t check her utterances! She could have called DDG or her sister before jumping on the internet to spew rubbish, but she was in hurry to call DDG names without intel into the issue. Sister love, but calm down, sis.

Here is a video of Ski Bailey blasting DDG:



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  1. Calm down your doing a little Too much now trying to make Halle’s sister look like she crazy for defending her sister even though she didn’t need to

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