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Gunmen Visit Kennedy Agyapong In His Tema Mansion & Nearly Killed Him

Gunmen Visit Kennedy Agyapong In His Tema Mansion & Nearly Killed Him

Following his beef and exposé on Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi and Angel Obinim, two gunmen visited Kennedy Agyapong’s mansion in Tema to assassinate him.

Luckily for Kennedy Agyapong, he wasn’t around when the two unknown gunmen visited his Tema mansion.

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Via GhSplash;

“The house of Kennedy Agyapong which was attacked by gunmen in his much talked about mansion in Tema.

It must be remembered that during his recent beef with Bishop Obinim, he said he’ll be relaxing in his Tema mansion as he fears no one except God.

It’s likely these assassins got to know of this Tema mansion when the member of parliament described it during his recent beef.

This assassination attempt was revealed by a nephew of Kennedy Agyapong who works at Net2 television.

He is the one the assassins met in the house, in the absence of Kennedy Agyapong.

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When this nephew heard the unusual footsteps, he assumed it’s his co-worker at net2 so he descended downstairs only to be met by these gunmen.

One of them pulled a knife and coerced him to lead him to the room of Kennedy Agyapong.

The nephew of Kennedy Agyapong after leading him upstairs pulled a smart one on the guy and locked him in one of the rooms and quickly started shouting for help.

The locked gunman still made his way out through a window in the room leaving the glass window broken”.

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