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Gucci Mane Roasted By Family Of His Deceased Signee Big Scarr For Ghosting Them After Failing To Pay For The Funeral As Promised

Gucci Mane Roasted By Family Of His Deceased Signee Big Scarr For Ghosting Them After Failing To Pay For The Funeral As Promised

Okay, Gucci Mane is under attack for promise and failure to honor. The rapper lost one of his 1017 record label signees 22-year-old Big Scarr to a drug overdose last week. In the heat of the moment, Gucci promised to cater for the funeral expenses but somehow along the line, he realized he is not ready to spend his money on a drug-related death, and ghosted the family altogether.

Now the family of the deceased is furious and calling Gucci out publicly. Some even claim Gucci is taking things further by demanding the 1017 gold chain given to the signee before his reckless demise. What are the terms of the agreement before Big Scarr was signed, was he to return the chain when he part ways with the label or when he foolishly die from a drug overdose? If so then send Gucci’s chain back but if not, then Gucci is tripping or mad at the circumstances surrounding Big Scarr’s death.

Considering the circumstances surrounding Big Scar’s death, I don’t want to fault Gucci soo much but he also promised to cater for the financial responsibility, he should do it. You can’t promise all folks in that state and refuse to honor the promise.

Via Media Take Out;

Last week, a rapper signed to Gucci Mane’s label – named Big Scarr – died after what is believed to be a drug overdose. Now family members of the deceased rapper are blasting rapper Gucci Mane.

Over the weekend, Media Take Out confirmed that a man who claims to be Big Scarr’s brother came out publicly and blamed Gucci for not paying for the fallen rapper’s funeral.

The man went on Instagram Live and told followers that after Big Scarr passed, Gucci allegedly reached out to his family members and promised to pay the funeral expenses.

But according to the man, when Big Scarr’s family tried to follow up with Gucci – he ghosted them, listen:

And there’s more. Another man – who also claims to be Big Scarr’s brother – is telling his followers that after Big Scarr passed, Gucci asked the family to return Big Scarr’s 1017 chain. The chain, which was valued at more than $50,000, was a symbol that he was affiliated with Gucci’s record label. It was also one of the most valuable possessions that the fallen rapper owned.

Big Scarr, real name Alexander Woods, was an American rapper known for his track “SoIcyBoyz”, which features Pooh Shiesty, Foogiano, and Tay Keith. He released his debut mixtape, Big Grim Reaper, on April 16, 2021. The tape peaked at number 25 on the Billboard 200.[3] He was signed to Gucci Mane’s 1017 Records.

What do you make of Gucci ditching Big Scarr’s family at a time when they need him the most? I believe he has to pay because he made the promise. However, if the family had invested the same level of energy in raising this kid, Big Scarr would have been alive.

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