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Great News! Cory Hardrict And Nia Long Allegedly Dating After Tia Mowry Ended Things With Him

Great News! Cory Hardrict And Nia Long Allegedly Dating After Tia Mowry Ended Things With Him

Last year, Tia Mowry announced her divorce plans on Instagram, and a few days later, she posted several images of how happy she is. Her ex-husband Cory Hardrict was the victim and constantly begged Tia to let go and come back so they build their family again. But Tia was more interested in her single/wh-re life to look back.

Well, Cory is done crying and whining over his Tia and allegedly, the 43-year-old has found love in Ime Udoka‘s ex-partner, 56-year-old Nia Long. Nia also left her long-time partner Ime Udoka last year after he cheated and later got suspended as head coach of Bolton Celtic.

Cory and Nia were recently spotted on a date and according to sources, it could be romantic. Nia and Cory had a tough 2022, the two getting romantic will be massive.

Media Take Out Reports;

Tia Mowry and Cory Hardrict announced that they were ending their marriage 3 months ago – and it was TIA who filed for divorce. Since filing, Media Take Out reported that Cory has been doing any and everything to get his wife back

But it now seems like the actor may be ready to finally give up on his marriage and move on.

According to a Hollywood insider, who spoke to Media Take Out under the condition of anonymity, Cory reportedly went on a “date” with the gorgeous actress Nia Long. The insider told u that the two met at a Hollywood restaurant, and had dinner together last week.

The insider, who could not 100% confirm the date was romantic, told Media Take Out that the two “looked like a really cute couple.”

It shouldn’t be surprising that Cory’s finally moving on. His estranged wife Tia has been dragging Cory and their marriage all over social media. According to Tia, she’s now “happier than ever”

Nia, as Media Take Out has reported, is also coming off of a very public breakup. As Media Take Out revealed in September, her life partner Ime Udoka was caught having multiple affairs with random White women who worked at his job.

Nia found out about the infidelities, which eventually cost Ime his job, and she dumped him.

So what do you think of Nia and Cory as a couple …. we kind of like it.

Cory has finally moved on with the beautiful Nia, and I couldn’t be happier. These two people deserve love and happiness for the unjust treatment they suffered last at the hands of their partners. I can’t wait for them to go Instagram official.

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