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Government-sponsored MBA Scholarships In Canada For Africans

Government-sponsored MBA Scholarships In Canada For Africans

Canada is on record as having one of the best educational systems in the world after the UK, USA, and Australia. However, getting yourself enrolled in their University comes at a very high cost especially when you are a foreigner mainly because you would have to make payments in their currency. A situation that permits only the rich to enroll as they can afford.

The Canadian government which has a soft heart for the less privileged and poor has rolled out some scholarship programs for Africans who seek to further their education there. In this article, we will talk about the top 10 MBA scholarship programs for Africans.

1. Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program

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One of the widely known scholarship programs in Canada offered by some top schools is normally for degree holders seeking to top up to the MBA level. Due to it having the best schools in it, it sees a huge number of applicants in it annually, and being selected is tough. Selected applicants are allowed to work part-time to pay their bills with the school taking full cost of the fees.

2. Rotman School of Management scholarship

They are one of the institutions with the motive of easing the financial burdens on brilliant but needy Africans. Graduates with first-class bachelor’s degrees stand a chance of being picked should they apply. They also demand a language proficiency test result alongside your degree to get the MBA.

3. Sauder School of Business entrance scholarship

They offer scholarships to African students who are exceptionally good at both the practical and written aspects of academics. They are on the notoriety of nurturing talents and also offer MBA graduates a well-paying job after graduation.

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4. Alberta MBA scholarship

Offered by the Alberta School of Business to Africans who possess good passes in their academic transcript and a bachelor’s degree. They get a full $10,000 scholarship to the school for two years with the condition of working part-time.

5. Ivey MBA scholarship

Looking for one of the Canadian universities with the greatest alumni then Ivey Business School makes the list. Over the years we have seen their alumni hold many enviable positions in the world with some being well-renowned personalities. They are on record for being one of the highest MBA scholarship schools for needy Africans.

6. Haskayne School of Business MBA Entrance scholarships

One of the best schools in Canada that makes Africans seeking to educate themselves to the MBA level get a smooth admission process. They are on record as being one of the institutions with a high number of intelligent but needy African students as they believe in grooming talents

7. Schulich School of Business scholarships

This school offers two types of scholarships which normally favors continuing but financially handicapped students, with that the school covers the rest of your MBA education if only you put up good grades. Also, the full scholarships are mostly for underprivileged Africans who want to top up to the MBA level. The school through its financial system offers a full-time scholarship valued at around $40,000 to people with first class.

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8. P.E.O International peace scholarship for women

One of the oldest scholarship schemes that have been around since the late 1940s, offers admission specifically to brilliant and sharp women from Africa. Although it is not a fully funded scholarship it covers some parts of your expenses.

9. University of Saskatchewan International Excellence awards

They also offer free admission and fee waivers for African applicants who pulled out excellent grades in their previous studies. The applicants enjoy a free two years MBA scholarship with stipends

10. UCW special targeted Regional award program

Although a partial scholarship, it covers over 50% of your academic cost and is open to African students who meet the admission requirements. Students are permitted to work alongside the school to pay their rent and other utility bills.

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