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Good News! eBay Deletes Latto’s Used Panty Auction

Rapper Latto Auctions Her Used Panties For $95K On eBay After A Twitter Troll Mocked Her For Repeating Panties

Latto‘s silly business has come crushing, thanks to eBay. The rapper started auctioning her used panties on eBay over the weekend and surprisingly hit over $90,000 in bids. But eBay has shut down the auction saying selling used panties is against their policies.

The platform says they support the sales of used clothing, but used panties are against its policies, so it shut down Latto’s ridiculous sales. End of sales!

Latto selling her used panties is shocking enough but the large number of people that rushed to grab someone’s used underwear is baffling. Clearly, we did not learn anything from the coronavirus.

TMZ Reports;

Latto nearly had the last laugh on “panty police” haters who accused her of repeatedly wearing one pair of animal print undies, but eBay is deflating her auction dreams!!

A spokesperson for eBay tells TMZ Hip Hop … used and worn underwear is a direct violation of their “used clothing policy,” and that’s why it’s yanked Latto’s link to auction off her underwear.

The company says it uses multiple layers of AI technology in addition to its professionally trained eBay investigators to sniff out errant sales like Latto’s, and ensure they’re upholding its health and hygiene standards … which of pair of panties containing “big energy” … do not!!!

The Grammy-nominated rapper saw her worn cheetah prints nearly earn her $100K before the eBay takedown. She only started the auction in order to school fans on the fact she does indeed have more than one leopard print thong th-thong thong thong!

Ahead of the auction, Latto actually took time to explain to the trolls that she keeps healthy stashes of undergarments during tour time.

Losing out on $100k sucks, but maybe Latto should just switch her platform — OnlyFans models are pushin’ panties as fast as they can bag ’em up these days.

C’mon TMZ, stop putting ideas into her head. Latto is desperate enough! Considering how folks rushed to purchase the panties, I’m sure Latto will move her sales to OnlyFans and rake in millions.

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