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“Good Morning America” Host T.J. Holmes Dumps His Wife Marilee Fiebig Holmes For White Co-star Amy Robach

"Good Morning America" Host T.J. Holmes Dumps His Wife Marilee Fiebig Holmes For White Co-star Amy Robach

Good Morning America anchors Amy Robach and TJ Holmes are on television outing shady deals by politicians, businessmen, and celebrities but they themselves have been pretty sneaky.

Although married, Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes reportedly have been boffing for about six months now. The shocking revelation was made after paparazzi spotted Amy and TJ sneaking on dates and engaging in PDAs.

TJ is still married to his black attorney wife, Marilee Fiebig Holmes with a daughter. However, the pair is currently separated, perhaps due to TJ’s sneaky acts. Amy is also married but hopefully not anymore now that their cunning little act has been outed.

Via Media Take Out;

Good Morning America anchors Amy Robach, 49, and T.J. Holmes’s, 45, are dating, Media Take Out has learned. And that’s despite both being currently married.

T.J. joined Amy Robach on Good Morning America’s lunchtime segment GMA3, and the co-hosts have distinct on air chemistry. Now Media Take Out has learned that their on-air chemistry can be explained … by off-air chemistry.

According to a new report from The Daily Mail, for the past six months, the married co-hosts have been caught on multiple occasions – on what appears to be on romantic dates.

The pair were seen rushing away for a weekend getaway upstate. And in one o the photos, TJ can be seen touching his blonde anchor on the backside:

The paparazzi also caught the two, having drinks and canoodling after work.

The two were also seen holding hands in a car

TJ Holmes is currently married to a beautiful Black woman, who is also an extremely successful attorney Marilee Fiebig Holmes. Marilee whose mother is from Congo, and her father is American, is a very successful lawyer with a background in immigration law. She worked as a VP of operations and general counsel at the Wilhemina modeling agency, and is now the Chief Diversity Officer at Save The Children.

When contacted by the press, TJ’s reps say that he is now “separated” from his wife. The couple share a young daughter together.

In case you’re wondering, Amy is also married. This is a photo of her husband. Her reps claim that Amy is “separated.”

Damn! Maybe their partners should meet up and start dating each other too, no one whines over cheating a** partner anymore.

Here are photos of T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach cozying up:

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