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“GMA3” Cheating Couple, Amy Robach And TJ Holme’s Hire Lawyers To ‘Fight’ ABC For Firing Them

Amy Robach And TJ Holmes Are Still Together While ABC's Investigations Into Their Affair

It’s been a month and two weeks since Amy Robach and TJ Holmes‘ scandalous affair hit the tabloids and ultimately got them suspended from Good Morning America. Although the couple did not break any company policy with their silly affair, their reaction towards the development and TJ’s previous affairs got them both suspended indefinitely. And according to rumors, the duo may be saying goodbye to ABC and GMA3, but, not without a legal fight from Amy and TJ.

Although ABC has not released any official notice on the sacking of the infamous couple, sources say the chances of the couple coming back on the screens of ABC are slim. Because this is Amy’s first affair, she may be called back to handle other things at ABC except being an anchor on GMA3. Meanwhile, TJ may be done for good because of his affair with two other employees at ABC.

However, the couple is not going down without a legal fight. The pair got a hint of the decision of the management of ABC and they are getting ready with their lawyers to take the network on, for firing them unfairly. Amy is working with popular attorney Andrew Brettler while TJ went for Eric George.

Via Page Six;

Goodbye, America.

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes are likely out at “GMA3” just six weeks after their affair came to light, multiple sources tell Page Six.

“They have not been terminated yet, but I don’t expect T.J. to be on again,” an insider says. “They do want Amy to stay and be a part of things there, but likely not on ‘GMA3.’”

We’re told the scandalous news couple “hired lawyers to deal with [negotiating]

TMZ reported early Thursday that Robach has hired famed civil attorney Andrew Brettler to represent her while Holmes is working with Eric George

Neither attorney immediately returned Page Six’s request for comment. A rep for ABC didn’t comment on the posting.

The co-anchors haven’t been on the air since early December, when they were replaced with a rotation of fill-in news personalities after ABC president Kim Godwin decided their romance was too much of a “distraction” for viewers.

After a lot of thought, I am taking Amy and T.J. off the air as we figure this out,” Godwin said at the time, adding that while the affair was “not a violation of company policy,” the decision to take them out of their anchor chairs was necessary for the “GMA” brand as a whole.

The pair’s affair marked what appeared to be the beginning of the end for Holmes, as it came to light that he was involved in other workplace affairs, but Holmes believed he would be cleared by the network.

“Of course, he’s taking [the review] seriously, but he’s confident he’s done nothing wrong that would merit him to lose his job,” a source told us at the time.

Although the two journalists haven’t been seen on the air, the pair have been keeping busy with each other.

Not only have they been seen leaving each other’s apartments on multiple occasions, but Robach and Holmes also spent the holidays traveling and making out like teenagers in Miami.

Page Six reported shortly after the scandal broke that Holmes’ now-estranged wife, Marilee Fiebig, was “blindsided” by the affair because she and Holmes had reconciled within their own marriage and had recently celebrated his birthday on a trip to the Bahamas.

Holmes, 45, ultimately filed for divorce from Fiebig, with whom he shares daughter Sabine, at the end of December, whereas Robach, 49, already had been close to finalizing her split from Andrew Shue by the time the affair made headlines.

The duo was shameless enough to cheat on their respective spouses, I would have been surprised if they bow out without a fight.

I can’t wait for the legal drama to begin!

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