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“GMA” Anchors T.J. Holmes And Amy Robach Won’t Face Any Punishment For Disgracefully Cheating On Their Spouses

"GMA" Anchors T.J. Holmes And Amy Robach Won't Face Any Punishment For Disgracefully Cheating On Their Spouses

Good Morning America‘s infamous co-anchors, TJ Holmes and Amy Robach will not face any disciplinary actions after both cheated on their spouses with each other and finally ended up dating. GMA3 management says the duo may be scumbags, but they did nothing wrong according to their working ethics.

So expect Amy and T.J. on your screens every morning. They will be addressing wrongdoers in our society as usual, like they just didn’t mess up their families without sympathy for their silly affair.

Both Amy and TJ may be the perfect couple goal already as the pair has deleted their social media handles following backlashes after their infamous affair went viral.

Via TMZ;

T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach, coanchors of ‘GMA3,’ will not be disciplined over their romantic relationship … TMZ has learned.

Network sources tell TMZ … Amy and T.J. did nothing to warrant punishment. They are 2 consenting adults on equal levels in the company and have a right to date who they want. One network source adds … the fact they were on the air Thursday — the day after DailyMail broke the story — should telegraph to everyone, neither will suffer any consequences.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ … Amy actually went to ABC execs several YEARS ago to dispel rumors she and T.J. were a thing. She knew the building was abuzz with talk they had hooked up, but Amy assured her bosses they were just friends — though best friends.

As for the timeline, we’re told both T.J. and Amy separated from their spouses in August, just weeks apart from each other, and “shortly thereafter” began a romantic relationship.

We’re told Amy and T.J. planned to make their relationship public in several weeks, because Amy’s divorce from Andrew Shue will become final in around 2 weeks. They were blindsided by the DailyMail photos that were published Wednesday.

Until the DailyMail story broke Wednesday, they had told no one about their relationship, including execs at ABC.

Our sources say both Amy and T.J. will be on the air Friday, but we’re told there are no plans for them to talk about their relationship.

Both T.J. and Amy have deleted their social media accounts after rumors spread.

TJ Holmes was married to a black immigration lawyer, Marilee Fiebig, so black women are practically hoping to devour him at the moment. Wise of him to delete his social media pages.

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