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Glo Rilla Fires Bodyguard Who Refused To Beat Up A Fan Who Assaulted And Threw A Drink At Her At A Concert

GloRilla Responds To Fans Blasting Her Over Her Refusal To Perform At An Oakland Nightclub After She Was Paid $30K

Hello fans, before you cause a nuisance at a concert, just know you may make a security guard lose his job for not whooping your a**.

Glo Rilla had quite a crazy tour across the nation, with every single concert coming with its brouhaha. At her Oakland concert, a fan threw a can, hitting Glo Rilla at Karibbean City nightclub on Feb. 10th.

Glo Rilla later tweeted that she would slap people who were still dragging the issue even after they assaulted her. Well, it turns out that Glo Rilla did not just wish to slap the fan who threw the can; she actually ordered her bodyguard to beat the person up, and when he refused, she fired him.

Yes, the said bodyguard who turned down the offer to beat up the fan is currently out of job. He took to TikTok to narrate the incident and black Twitter is having a field day, dragging her a**.

Media Take Out Reports;

Weeks back, GloRilla went viral after a fan threw a drink on her and cursed her out at a show. Now her former bodyguard is speaking out and says he was fired after the incident.

“So all that extra sh-t…I don’t want to hear none of that sh-t. I got her out of there safe,” he said. “She making videos ain’t she? She talking to y’all can’t she? ‘Cause she talked to me. You alive we got out that muthaf-cker. I did my job, it’s complete.”

He said Glo wanted him to do something to the woman after she threw the drink…but he refused.

GloRilla seemed unbothered by the incident on social media.

“I know what kinda crowd I bring out & I know my fans crazy af dats just part of being a ghetto rockstar Ik what I signed up for I’m not finna get to fighting nobody dats paying to come see me that’s security job to make sure mfs under control that’s they get paid to do,” she tweeted after.

Celebrities! Glo Rilla would have passed the buck to this bodyguard if she carried out that order and something bad happened.  

Here is the video of Glo Rilla’s fired bodyguard explaining how things went down:

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