Girlfriend Of The Man Who Jokingly Posed As Tracey Boakye’s ‘Papano’ Is Reportedly In Dilemma

Girlfriend Of The Man Who Jokingly Posed As Tracey Boakye's 'Papano' Is In Dilemma
Tracey Boakye & Kofi Amaniampong

The girlfriend of the Ghanaian Turkey-based man is reportedly in dilemma after the picture he took with Tracey Boakye’s daughter with a caption suggesting that he’s the biological father went viral social media platforms.

According to a source close to Osaberima Kofi Amaniampong‘s girlfriend, she is in dilemma and confused as to whether to continue with their marriage plans or call it off. Call it off because of a picture? Some women though.

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Osaberima Kofi Amaniampong and his girlfriend are set to tie the knot in March 2021 but these stories flying all over the internet that he’s Tracey Boakye’s Papano have confused her and her parents.

My little advice to Osaberima Kofi Amaniampong‘s girlfriend is that she should just relax and if there is anyone she wants to blame, it’s her boyfriend and not Bloggers.

Besides, there is no way Osaberima Kofi Amaniampong would spend his hard-earned money to buy a $350k to $450k mansion for Tracey Boakye at East Legon.

So what actually makes him Tracey Boakye’s ‘Papano’? Is it because he posted a photo of himself and Tracey Boakye’s daughter on Facebook? Hell NO!