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Ghanaian Young Man, Reportedly Commits Suicide After His Friend Commented “Then kill Ur self bros” On His “The World Ain’t Fair” Post

Ghanaian Young Man, Yaw Geng, Reportedly Commits Suicide After His Friend, Papion Gh, Commented "Then kill Ur self bros" On His "The World Ain't Fair" Post

A young Ghanaian man identified as Yaw Geng has reportedly committed suicide after a friend of his dropped a comment urging him to kill himself on his post on Facebook.

Yaw Geng who was probably going through a lot in life made a post on Facebook and shared his life frustrations on October 16, 2021, that read;

“Sometimes things don’t go as planned and there is nothing you could do aside giving up.we are only humans and we are not meant to be here forever.There is a question I’ve been asking myself a billion times ….why are some of us born into suffering and others with a silver spoon in their mouth…The world ain’t fair”.

His friend, Papion Gh, instead of encouraging him not to give up on life rather urged him to end his life since the world isn’t fair for him. He commented; Then kill ur self bros”.

According to reports, the young man, Yaw Geng, has truly ended his life. Papion Gh is being lashed out on Facebook for dropping such a hurtless comment on Yaw’s post.

Check the screenshot below…

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