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Ghanaian Lady, Afua Anku Fired By Her Bosses At Nissan Canada Over Her Old Racist Tweets

Ghanaian Lady, Afua Anku Fired By Her Bosses At Nissan Canada Over Her Previous Racist Tweets

Before coronavirus pandemic, the world was fighting against racism and you dare not make racist comments on social media when living in some countries.

A Ghanaian lady, Afua Anku, has been punched harder in the face by her own previous racist comments on Twitter──and this is a lesson to all those who make reckless and racist comments on the internet.

Afua Anku who works at Nissan Canada has been fired by her bosses over her old racist comments on Twitter after a customer officially reported her racist tweets to the company.

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Afua Anku who worked as a Customer Service Supervisor has lost her well-paid job over her previous racist comments on Twitter about a Somalian child and others.

Apparently, the customer found her tweets offensive and decided to take action and report to her bosses at Nissan Canada.

One of Afua Anku’s offensive tweets read; “I’m like Hitler and Somalis are like Jews”, whilst another said, “Hitler seen things about the Jews that the rest of the world just didn’t see yet, I ain’t been mad at that homie no more”.

Nissan Canada after reviewing the report sent to them by a customer posted on their Twitter handle and distanced themselves from Afua’s racist tweets and fired her on top.

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Nissan Canada wrote;

“The views and comments of  @afualareine do not represent those of Nissan Canada. At Nissan, we foster and preserve a culture of diversity and inclusion without prejudice, and find this content completely unacceptable.  @afualareine is no longer associated with Nissan Canada Inc.”

It’s surprising to see Afua Anku who once made a tweet warning people to be careful with the kind of posts they make on social media since it could go against them when seeking employment could make such offensive and racist tweets.

Check out Afua Anku’s racist tweets and response from Nissan Canada…

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