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Gay Rapper Lil Nas X Claims He Recently Welcomed A Bouncy Baby Boy

Gay Rapper Lil Nas X Claims He Recently Welcomed A Bouncy Baby Boy

Twitter folks are divided as disturbed Lil Nas X is pulling yet another prank on them. The famous gay rapper posted a one-year-old kid holding a large wolf toy called Bronco.

To many, including myself, Bronco is what Lil Nas X is referring to as his kid and not the handsome baby boy in the image. We know Nas well enough to trust him this time.

The rapper that has been accused of faking his s-xuality is being blasted by his fans for the vague image posted, they want to know if indeed he is gay or just chasing clout with his absurd behavior.

Via Media Take Out;

Gay rapper Lil Nas X has a son … according to the trolling rapper.

In a new set of Instagram stories rapper Lil Nas X has revealed some shocking news. With the “Old Town Road” singe revealing that he has a son, Lil Nas X dropped a bombshell of a news while revealing the child is one-year old and was born on September 27, 2021.

While the child’s name still remains a mystery, this certainly made for a shocking reveal.

The artist then shared an image of a baby boy who appeared to be around the age of one, chewing on a binkie and holding a giant wolf plush doll. The child was seated on a white marble dining table, and behind him was a Ben Baller money counter in golden color.

The tweet exploded as netizens wondered if he was telling the truth, given that the artist is notorious for playing pranks on his fans. One user even thinks that while the baby might be related to the rapper, it is not his son, but his nephew:

While some are slamming him for faking being gay, others think he is joking. A few people also think that the artist is referring to the wolf plush toy named ‘Bronco’ and not the young child in the picture.

Broco is for Lil Nas X, but the kid, I believe otherwise. Do you think the kid is Lil Nas’?

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