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Gary Owen Unveils New Black Family After Messy Divorce From Ex-black Wife Kenya Duke

Gary Owen Unveils New Black Family After Messy Divorce From Ex-black Wife Kenya Duke

Caucasian comedian Gary Owen and his black ex-wife Kenya Duke were the power interracial couple for a decade before their messy divorce in 2021. Citing inconsiderable differences as the reason for their divorce, the estranged couple has been having constant court battles ever since. Gary has admitted that he has barely made contact with his three kids after the headline divorce.

Kenya is currently seeking about a million dollars from their divorce and also $44K monthly spousal support. Before the settlement, Kenya is holding onto Gary’s home until the divorce settlement is paid. Well, despite all the mess, Gary is still optimistic about black women.

While the comedian is unable to keep his first family together, he has no time to sit around and whine as well. Gary has recently confirmed moving on with a black mother of one, who is currently pregnant with twins for him.

Via Media Take Out;

Comedian Gary Owen is in the midst of a very bitter divorce from his ex-wife Kenya Duke. Gary and Kenya were interracial couple goals for many years – but that ended abruptly and bitterly in 2021.

As Media Take Out reported, Kenya is suing Gary for millions in divorce and child support and is reportedly keeping Gary away from his children, until he pays up.

Well Gary has decided that it’s time to start a new Black family. Media Take Out confirmed that Gary has a new woman in his life, and she’s pregnant with twins.

Here’s his new babys mother, and his new Black family, which includes a step-daughter:

After 18 years of marriage, Kenya filed for divorce in California’s Los Angeles County Superior Court in March 2021 on the grounds of irreconcilable differences.

People Magazine claimed in June of that same year that Kenya sued Gary for $44,000 per month in spousal support after she abandoned her “promising position as an account manager” for the comedian.

The 48-year-old celebrity admitted during an appearance on The Breakfast Club podcast that he hasn’t spoken to his children in a year due to his divorce from his estranged wife, Kenya Duke.

“I’ve taken every step. My daughter is enrolled at A&T, so I traveled to Greensboro to visit her. When I knocked on her door, she didn’t answer. attempted to contact her at the airport. On social media, I’ve been blocked. I’ve used every available channel to try to contact my daughter. When I extend my hand, I am stopped.”

He also claimed that news sources and social media, rather than their parents, were the source of his children’s knowledge about his divorce.

“We kept it from the kids. We were going to wait and do it together, but they found out through TMZ.
After a year, Owen has made the decision to speak up about the incident so that his children can hear his perspective.” He said on the podcast.

“Everyone kept urging me to share my perspective. And to be completely honest, it’s another effort to get my kids to hear it.”

Will Gary’s new interracial relationship work this time around? Well, we have to wait and see.

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