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Gangsta Boo’s Cause Of Death Revealed?

Gangsta Boo's Cause Of Death Revealed?

It’s another year, meaning a new era for black rappers to start dying of ridiculous causes, if not silly acts of violence, then drugs and related causes. 43-year-old female rapper, Gangsta Boo has died of an alleged drug overdose. Yes, she couldn’t save herself from the drugs even at age 43 and now she’s dead.

The late rapper, Gangsta Boo died on the very first day of 2023, 1st January at a friend’s home after she allegedly overdosed on fentanyl.

The young rappers are wasting their lives on violence and drug, it is disappointing that even the supposed old folks also continue to waste away due to drugs and violence.

Via Media Take Out;

On the first day of 2023, the popular Female rapper Gangster Boo was found dead in a friend’s home, Media Take Out has confirmed. The news was first announced by Delmar H. Lawrence, also known as Mr. Del. Lawrence, and Three 6 Mafia — the iconic Memphis group that propelled Gangster Boo and others to fame.

The female rapper is believed to have overdosed. According to multiple online reports, Gangster Boo was addicted to prescription pills, and it is believed to have ingested a pill which contained a lethal dose of fentanyl.

Gangsta Boo, who died at just 43 years of age, was born Lola Chantrelle Mitchell on Aug. 7, 1979, in the Whitehaven area of Memphis, Tenn., and began rapping at age 14. In 1994, when she was only 15 years old, she joined the influential hardcore/horrorcore collective Three 6 Mafia, becoming one of the group’s only female members (along with K-9) and staying with them for eight years, during which she appeared on their first five studio albums.

In 2013, it was announced that Boo and fellow Three 6 Mafia members DJ Paul, Crunchy Black, Koopsta Knicca, and Lord Infamous had formed a new spin-off group, Da Mafia 6ix; Boo was prominently featured on Da Mafia 6ix’s debut mixtape, 6ix Commandments, which went to No. 34 on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart upon its official retail release in 2014.

On New Year’s Eve, less than 24 hours before she died, Boo had posted a performance video on Instagram, writing: “Some of the things that I did in 2022! So fun and productive, climbed out my shell alot!! 2023 go be 23’n! #JORDAN #BOOPRINT #recap Happy New 2023 everyone!” In an interview with Billboard that ran just last month, Boo revealed that she was working on a new project, The BooPrint, which she hoped to release in early 2023.

Gladly, Gangsta Boo has no kids left behind to deal with the traumas. May her soul rest well and may her family find comfort in some good of hers while she was alive.

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