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Gabrielle Union Says She And Her Cougar Friends Have A Crush On 24-Year-Old NFL Star Jalen Hurts

Gabrielle Union Says She And Her Cougar Friends Have A Crush On 24-Year-Old NFL Star Jalen Hurts

Gabrielle Union recently won the wh-re title when she admitted to cheating on her ex-husband with numerous men. So when she named Jalen Hurts her crush, fans blasted her for tending to cheat again. Though the confession seemed jovial, Union has done it before and she can do it again.

Gabrielle in a recent interview with Seth Meyer passionately spoke about how she and the women in her circle chat about how they love and adore Jalen Hurts. The controversial actress claims that every woman in her group chat is crushing on the 24-year-old NFL player.

When 50-year-old Gabrielle was asked if she was also crushing, she responded that she “would want to go home to a happy home”. She is being sneaky again! Although GU did not give a definite answer, it was obvious that she has a big crush on the young NFL star.

Via Media Take Out;

Gabrielle Union continues to feed into the narrative that she talks too much. On Friday, Dwyane Wade’s wife fished about how the women (and possibly men) in her group chat have a serious crush on NFL star Jalen Hurts.

Media take Out confirmed that Gabrielle Union says her group chat is obsessed with Jalen Hurts on the Seth Meyers show.

Gabrielle explained, “The group chat is throwing all of our weight behind Jalen Hurts.”

Seth asked Gabrielle whether she was attracted to Jalen, and Dwyane Wade’s wife said, “I’d like to go home to a happy home, so I’m not going to comment there. But the streets are saying …”

It’s pretty clear that Gabrielle is just joking around. But many of her fans are not happy with her comments.

Gabrielle Union and her fellow 50-year-olds are crushing on a 24-year-old, and she didn’t even shy away from telling the whole world. Damn! Jalen should be concerned, I don’t know but I feel this should be a crime.

Here is the interview of Gabrielle Union confessing that herself and some cougars in her circle are crushing on Jalen Hurts:

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