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Fuse ODG, Stonebwoy, Manifest And Shatta Wale Are Not GRAMMY Nominees

Fuse ODG, Stonebwoy, Manifest And Shatta Wale Are Not GRAMMY Nominees

The majority of Ghanaian artists are dishonest and pathetic liars—whose sole mission is to throw dust into the eyes their followers and this has to do with the recent argument about the 2020 GRAMMY Nominations.

Ghanaian UK-based musician, Fuse ODG is one of such dishonest musicians and of course a coward too. Why do you get the chance to educate the whole of Ghana and just blow it away on the back of a misconception that Ghanaians are trying to discredit Ghanaian artists?

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We (of course, I and my friend Lucas) are pissed off after listening to Fuse ODG’s interview with Media Generale’s MzGee.

But here is the bitter truth that Ghanaians don’t want to swallow but we’ll force them to swallow it—Fuse ODG is not a GRAMMY winner, Stonebwoy, Manifest and Shatta Wale are all not GRAMMY Nominees as well.

There is a huge difference between GRAMMY Nominees or winners and supporting artists who get certificates of participation for albums or songs they were featured on that win a GRAMMY award.

Fuse ODG was never a nominee or a GRAMMY winner when Ed Sheeran’s album he worked on was nominated and won a GRAMMY award—Fuse ODG applied for a certificate of participation which was approved by the academy and given to him—and that never qualified him as a GRAMMY winner as we’ve always deceived ourselves with.

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It’s the same case with Stonebwoy working with Morgan Heritage on their album that got a nomination at the GRAMMY awards in 2018—and if they had won, Stonebwoy would’ve applied for a certificate of participation and be given as well.

It’s just like sharing in someone’s glory for supporting him or her to win something big—and that’s exactly the case with Fuse ODG, Stonebwoy, Manifest and Shatta Wale.

Fuse ODG has a certificate of participation from the GRAMMY awards and that doesn’t sound like he’s a GRAMMY winner.

The only Ghanaian musician who’s a GRAMMY nominee is Rocky Dawuni and that’s a fact!

Fuse ODG can only show Ghanaians his certificate of participation for working on Ed Sheeran’s album that won a GRAMMY award and not a plaque—plaques are given to the winners and not participants.

Why the hell do we ignorantly refer participants as winners or nominees of the GRAMMY awards?

Shatta Wale’s case is no different from all the artists mentioned above, he’ll definitely get a certificate of participation if Beyoncé’s “Lion King’ wins a GRAMMY award—that’s if he applies for the certificate of participation.

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And that wouldn’t make Shatta Wale and GRAMMY nominee or winner.

Rapper Manifest may also get a certificate of participation if Burna Boy’s nominated album “African Giant” wins the GRAMMYs in 2020—that’s if he also applies for it.

The truth must always be told no matter how unpleasant it may sound but this isn’t the case with the majority of Ghanaian artists—once someone starts digging the truth they term it as hate or not supporting our own.

We can only support our own when they become honest to tell the truth to educate and not rant.

The screenshot below from the GRAMMYs says it all about winners and supporting artists.

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