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Funny Face Says His ‘Run Away’ Wife Has Big Butts But Lacks Sense

Has Funny Face Dumped His Current Baby Mama For Teaming Up With Kalybos, Lilwin And Others To Bring Him Down?

Apparently, Ghanaian comedian, Funny Face has regretted marrying his ‘run away’ wife on a hollow reason that she’s curvy with big butts.

According to Funny Face who is now in dilemma as a result of his wife revealing his deep secrets to Lil Win, Kalybos and Bismark the Joke to use against him and also running away with their twins, even though his wife has big butts but lacks sense.

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Funny Face opened up in a deleted Instagram post that his current wife makes her ex-wife seem like an Angel with no sins.

Remember, Funny Face’s ex-wife also disgraced him by revealing how weak he was in bed to the public in the wake of their breakup a few years ago.

If a wife who shamed you to the public about how weak you were in bed seem like an angel as a result of what your current wife has done to you, then she’s worst than Satan himself.

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Again, he revealed that she even points a gun at him anytime they had a misunderstanding and threatened to run away with their kids to Kumasi.

And yes she wasn’t joking! She has run away with their twins according to heartbroken Funny Face in the screenshot below.

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Even though he claims his wife has big butts but lacks sense, he’s ever ready to get a third wife with big butts because he’s obsessed with women with such enviable figures.

Even though his first and second wives with big butts betrayed him but according to him, he’s still going for a third wife with big butts!

Good luck to Funny Face!

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