Funny Face Reveals His Wife Believes His Brand Is Cheap And Keeps Pressuring Him To Emulate Lil Win’s Brand

Has Funny Face Dumped His Current Baby Mama For Teaming Up With Kalybos, Lilwin And Others To Bring Him Down?
Funny Face, baby mama

Funny Face as a man is currently carrying 3 burdens on his head──his current wife, Kalybos, Lil Win and Bismark the Joke put together and his inability to control his own emotions.

I even think Funny Face’s current wife, the mother of his twins would gladly open her legs wide for Lil Win slide in, in case he makes a move on her judging from what Funny Face revealed to Sammy Flex on his Showbiz Daily Show last night.

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According to Funny Face, his wife believes his brand is cheap and has been advising and pressuring him to emulate or copy Lil Win’s brand──and this is very strange to me.

Funny Face seems to be very unlucky with women and from the look of things, it’s likely their marriage or whatever their relationship is has or about to end on rocks.

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Funny Face also revealed that his wife, baby mama or whatever is dishing out vital information about him to his enemies──Kalybos, Lil Win and Bismark the Joke to use against him.

At this point, I think Funny Face should embark on his vacation to Togo fully sponsored by Emmanuel Adebayor because things are messy for him in Ghana.

And probably, find a woman in Togo who will believe in his cheap brand and support him to reach greater heights.