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Funny Face Reacts To Defrauding A Ghanaian US-based Woman Of $53,000 Under False Pretence

Funny Face Reacts To Defrauding A Ghanaian US-based Woman Of $53,000 Under False Pretence

Ghanaian comedian, Funny Face has reacted to allegations that he defrauded a US-based Ghanaian woman of a colossal amount of $53,000 under false pretence (fake marriage proposal).

The US-based Ghanaian woman who claims Funny Face defrauded her of $53,000 with a promise that he will marry her has sued him at an Accra High Court after all efforts to retrieve her money never yielded fruit.

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One of the fans of Funny Face, Kofi Newman, who thinks Citi FM shouldn’t have reported the negative news just because they haven’t promoted his dry jokes and works fumed on Instagram that he is disappointed in them for doing their job─that’s reporting news of Funny Face allegedly defrauding a US-based Ghanaian woman of $53,000 with a fake marriage proposal.

I think Kofi Newman displayed his ignorance by making such a comment. Who determines what should be reported and what shouldn’t be reported? Just because they have not promoted his works means they shouldn’t report anything about Funny Face?

TRENDING NEWS: Funny Face Sued For Allegedly Duping A US-based Ghanaian Woman Of $53,000 With A Fake Marriage Proposal

Funny Face also replied to Kofi Newman’s post but never denied that the defrauding allegations are false.

Funny Face posted the screenshot of Kofi Newman’s post on his Instagram page and wrote;

“Stillllllll KASOA VANDAMME … one man killer .. one man soldier … “ Gye NYAME ❤️🙏“ ei go over you “ the #CHILDRENPRESIDENT my #ELLAandBELLA👯”.

Funny Face, you have been sued for allegedly defrauding a woman whom you promised to marry but dumped her after you got the money so stop the noise on Instagram and concentrate on how you are going to raise a whopping $53,000 in case the Court rules in the woman’s favour.

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