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Funny Face Mocks Ex-wife, Nana Adwoa, In His Love Letter To Her

Funny Face Mocks Ex-wife, Nana Adwoa, In His Love Letter To Her

Funny Face’s love letter to his ex-wife, Nana Adwoa, claiming to have forgiven her for the infamous “2 minutes man” tag is actually a mockery letter to rub it in her face that he now has twins with his current wife.

Funny Face started the love letter on a good note; the apologies, forgiveness and everything but ended on a bad note which I see to be pure mockery!

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Funny Face ended the love letter by rubbing it in Nana Adwoa’s face that the “2 minutes man” tag has now turned into twins for him and added some laughing and mockery emojis to that portion of the post.

Funny Face ended with; “and the 2 minutes “ issue “ turned to twins 😝🥰❤️😃 .. GOD has blessed me in double fold NANA”.

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Some social media folks have described his love letter to Nana Adwoa as a mockery letter which has nothing to do with forgiveness and apologies.

Nana Adwoa is already aware that Funny Face and his new wife welcomed twins a few months ago so why remind her in the so-called love letter?

Funny Face’s ex-wife, Nana Adwoa, is yet to react to his love/mockery letter.

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