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Funny Face Hints On Deactivating His Social Media Accounts To Live A Private And Peaceful Life

Funny Face Hints On Deactivating His Social Media Accounts To Live A Private And Peaceful Life

To the fans of Funny Face, very soon, you wouldn’t find him on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook because he’s contemplating on deleting all his social media accounts to live a happy, peaceful and private life.

This decision of Funny Face is on the back of his claims that Kalybos, Lilwin and Bismark the Joke aren’t giving him peace of mind in the Ghanaian entertainment industry.

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Funny Face is still waiting for Kalybos, Lilwin and Bismark the Joke to respond to his rants but it seems they’ve decided not to engage in a social media banter with him.

Funny Face on his Instagram page hinted;

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“IT IS WELL 🙏❤️ .. won’t end my life dis time around bro .. I have two little girls to die for .. work hard so I can give dem da best of life … I couldn’t have whiles growing up .. and they will grow to know and find out their father is WARRIOR .. I never back down easily .. KWAHU boy and JAMESTOWN boys don’t easily give up ….. “ ASAAASE ABAN “ Y3NTI GYAE .. after dis f**k ur showbiz .. am done .. delete all my social media accounts .. and live my private life .. ei choose .. I do some .. 17 years in Ghanashowbiz .. I have tried .. now time to start my new life with my #ELLAandBELLA .. #FUNNYFANS .. I will always love u .. and tanx for being a strong pillar in my life .. till we meet again .. will always cherish my adaptable fans … one of da biggest fan base across Africa .. we had an amazing journey .. I have to stop dis show biz thing for my girls .. going back to my roots JEHOVAH WITNESS .. I tried .. thank you all for serving u 🙏🙏❤️ .. TILL WE MEET AGAIN 🙏 I still remain da Children President bit from da house .. now let me get used to COUNCIL of ELDERS .. cos since we all go dey house for some years .. den go disturb me taya 🙏😀.. I DID MY BEST ..”

Funny Face in the coming days will say bye bye to all his social media accounts.

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