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Funny Face Advised To Do A DNA Test On His Kids Because They Might Not Be His

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Comedian Funny Face is back again with his depression claims as he is at it again ranting on Instagram and disturbing people on the App.

But one of his few sensible fans has advised him to get a DNA done for his kids because they might not be his. If it turns out that these kids he has been bragging about aren’t his, this dude might take his own life.

Here is what the fan wrote;

“You’re young. If you will take this advice it will help you. Get a DNA test of all the kids if you’re a paternity biological father, if yes, you and your lawyer has to take it to court for custody where you too can see your kids. (Because there might be a chance the kids might not be yours that’s why she’s doing that). It happens a lot so the better you realize early, the faster you save yourself.”