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Free Scholarships For Africans In Canada 2024

Free Scholarships For Africans In Canada 2024

Do you possess good grades and seek to further your education in Canada come 2023? Then look no further as the Canadian government in its everyday mantra has listed out some free scholarships for students in 2023.

The scholarships which come in two forms can be either a partial one or a fully funded one depending on the chosen school. The Canadian government is geared at educating a lot of people to get them to fill a lot of vacant spaces in the corporate world.


The scholarship is not limited to only citizens but also people all across the world.
NB: To get a free scholarship in Canada there are some English proficiency exams you need to take and pass well to be enrolled some are as follows.

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  • Cambridge English test
  • PTE
  • Duolingo

Some free scholarships in 2023 are as follows


Graduate Global Leadership Fellowship

Offered by the University of British Columbia located in Vancouver, it is specifically for people with distinctions with plans of doing their Ph.D. Also if you are someone who is always involved in humanitarian deeds and holding leadership roles in your community then this scholarship is for you. It seeks to educate people more in the research field so that they can use their acquired knowledge to contribute to the development of their society. To qualify for this scholarship, the school wants you to meet the following criteria
Must show proof of enough funds as it only covers your tuition, so you must be able to prove whether you can cover your living expenses.
Also because it is more particular about people who are very active in humanitarian and leadership works, they would need a certificate showing some of the projects you have undertaken.

International Master’s degree and Doctoral program awards by the University of Waterloo

Have plans to further your education to the master’s or doctoral level in 2023? Then the University of Waterloo is arms opened ready to welcome you into their noble institution.

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Masters applicants must have a first-class in their bachelor’s certificate while Ph.D. applicants should have a distinction in their master’s, anything below that would be rejected.


Also, it doesn’t require you to apply provided you meet the cut, the school itself would nominate you for the program. It is a full scholarship that would cover all your tuition expenses except for accommodation.

Alberta Canadian Scholarship

The prestigious university since its inception has always given yearly scholarships valued around $34 million specifically for intelligent but needy students.

There is a Canadian NGO that has taken it upon itself to always pump money into their scholarship fund, more icing on the cake is they also give soft loans for students who have difficulty in renting and feeding. Their admission for 2023 is available for bachelor, master’s, and Ph.D. students provided you have good grades.


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