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Fredo Bang Hits On Glo Rilla During An Instagram Live

Fredo Bang Hits On Glo Rilla During An Instagram Live

Glo Rilla‘s list of admirers continues to increase although she seems to pay no heed to her public admirers.

She has been pretty private about her relationship life. Fredo Bang took the bold and silly step to make his intentions known during Glo Rilla’s Instagram live, assuring and protecting, and endless love if given the chance. Something rappers hardly give their partners.

Well, as expected, Glo Rilla has not responded to Fredo’s desperation to enter her panties. Dude failed just like Kodak Black did. Despite always being in the limelight, Glo Rilla has tried to keep her romantic life away from the public and it appears she intends to keep it like that for long.

Fredo Bang recently had a baby with married lesbian couple Sevyn Buffins and Princess Annie and is rumored to be in an odd relationship with the couple.

Via VladTV;

Fredo Bang is the latest rapper to shoot his shot with Glorilla after she went on Instagram Live on Monday (February 27). 

Eagle-eyed social media users caught screenshots of Fredo trying to get Glorilla’s attention during her Live, telling her, “I’ll be crazy about you,” “I’ll never hold you back,” and “I’ma protect you.” So far, Glorilla has yet to publicly respond to Fredo.

Back in October, Kodak Black took a similar approach by telling Glorilla, “You prolly aint my girl today but that’s why I love tomorrow,” a reference to “Tomorrow 2,” Glorilla’s song with Cardi B.  

Kodak Black and Fredo Bang? Glo Rilla is better off single!

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