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Former NFL Player Terrell Owens Seen Fistfighting A Heckler Outside CVS In California

Former NFL Player Terrell Owens Seen Fistfighting A Heckler Outside CVS In California

A normal day at CVS turned chaotic for former NFL star Terrell Owens after he encountered a troublemaker.

Terrell went to CVS to get some stuff, and after having sane encounters with some prudent fans, a mischievous bystander walked over and started harassing the fans and later moved to Owens with his troubles. It ended messily.

Reportedly, Owens tried to ignore his shenanigans, but when the hoodlum swing the first blow, Owen took him on and punched him to the floor.

The heckler was seen behaving somewhat normally after the punch that landed him on the floor.

Via Vlad;

Recently, Terrell Owens was seen outside of a CVS in California getting into a fight with a man who allegedly harassed people within the store, including the former NFL player. 

The fight went down around 11:30 PM this past Saturday night and was captured by a witness outside of a CVS in Inglewood, California. Owens explained what happened to TMZ, saying he stopped by the CVS for a few things. A 49ers fan approached him in the store, and they had a conversation. Another man approached the 49ers fan and threatened him and T.O., leading to the altercation outside.

Owens was trying to keep the peace outside, but the heckler attempted to swing at Owens. From there, Owens and the man began to fight, with the former NFL player knocking the man out before leaving. Watch above. 

It would have been more exciting if Owen got him arrested instead of the fistfight. I abhor violence of any form if he attacked Owens with a weapon, it would have been messy.

Left with me alone, people will be jailed with the tiniest violent tendencies. Yet still, I’m glad Terrell Owens whooped his a** though.

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