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Former NBA Player Matt Barnes Spits On His Fiancée’s Ex-Husband David Patterson Jr’s Face During 49ers-Cowboys Game

Former NBA Player Matt Barnes Spits On His Fiancée's Ex-Husband David Patterson Jr's Face During 49ers-Cowboys Game

Matt Barnes and his fiancée Anansa Sims‘s ex-husband David Patterson Jr had some dramatic altercation during the 47ers-Cowboys Game and Matt ended up spitting on Patterson Jr. Despite Matt’s terrible reaction, he claims that he is not the aggressor, rather, he was trying to prevent the exchange from turning physical.

According to Matt Barnes, Patterson Jr. is the aggressor who allegedly hunted him down and attacked him, called him names, and even threatened him. Barnes says in an attempt to show his disgust by spitting in Patterson’s direction instead of going physical, it poured on his face. Eeew!

Barnes is currently seeking a restraining order against Patterson, claiming that Patterson is a jealous ex-partner who is seeking to harm him. According to him, Patterson has been terrorizing him and even threatened to shoot him back in 2022. Barnes is asking the court to restrict Pettersson Jr. from coming within 100 yards around him. Barnes ignored Patterson’s alleged killing threat but rushed to court over a public confrontation.

Meanwhile, the police are currently investigating the issue to authenticate Barnes’ side of the story.

Via Media Take Out;

NBA champ Matt Barnes came face to face with his fiancée’s ex-husband at Levi’s Stadium during the San Francisco 49ers-Dallas Cowboys NFC divisional round matchup on Sunday…and the confrontation ended with him spitting in David Patterson Jr.’s face.

The pair had been trading insults and shoving each other before Barnes spit on him. Barnes filed a temporary restraining order in Los Angeles County Court after the incident against Patterson.

Speaking to TMZ Sports, he said Patterson “hunted me down and aggressively confronted me,” and that Patterson was screaming his “full name repeatedly,” which caused the crowd to go “into a frenzy.”

“I was forced to push him off of me,” Barnes said. “I did not want the altercation to physically escalate further, and out of frustration with him seeking me out and his unrelenting repeated harassment, I spit in his direction in disgust.” Barnes added that Patterson has been pestering him for months because he’s jealous of Barnes’ relationship with his ex-wife.

Although Barnes’ story is inconsistent, that’s all we have for now, we will wait for the court to decide who the true aggressor was.

Here is a video of the altercation that resulted in Barnes spitting in David Patterson Jr’s face:

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