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Fivio Foreign Claims Asian Doll Is Just His Friend After His Girlfriend Jasmine Giselle Blasted Him Over Doll’s Tw-rking Video

Fivio Foreign Claims Asian Doll Is Just His Friend After His Girlfriend Jasmine Giselle Blasted Him Over Doll's Twerking Video

Fivio Foreign went out to a party with Asian Doll and engaged in a steamy tw-rk dance with her. Somehow his girlfriend Jasmine Giselle got the video and she’s livid and made a video announcing that she is official with Fivio. Weird yeah? These folks are crazy.

In an absurd video, Giselle was seen angrily questioning a confused and sad-looking Fivio on why he chose to disgrace her and present Asian Doll as his girlfriend instead of her. Fivio’s exact words were, “you doing weird sh-t,” which is true, she acted weird as f—.

Via Media Take Out;

Fivio Foreign’s girlfriend slammed him online after a video of Asian Doll twerking on him on went viral on TikTok.

Asian Doll twerked up on Fivio to Ice Spice’s track, “In Ha Mood” is playing but his girlfriend, Jasmine, took to Instagram Live to call him out.

“Home, here. But posted up with Asian Doll. You real cute. This is ain’t no exposure sh-t. We together, but he’s been hiding that we are together,” she said as the rapper lay next to her. “For the bitches that didn’t know. Asian Doll, we’re together. I don’t know why you posted up with Asian Doll like you with Asian Doll.”

Fivio tells Jasmine, who has previously accused him of being bisexual, that she’s doing “doing weird sh-t.”

“Oh, going to my crib and dubbing on Asian Doll is weirder,” she claps back. “You don’t like this sh-t, right? Well, I don’t like the sh-t you doing either, embarrassing me on Instagram. What you mean?”

She continued: “Somebody sent me that video. I don’t follow Asian Doll. You moving around acting like you single and you not. That’s your problem, you not single. And they was doing that today. You not single. He’s home, here, everyday. Yea, he’s sick now. ‘Cause when niggas get caught up they sick all of a sudden.”

Recording your man and declaring him as yours, doesn’t make him faithful, it just makes you look desperate. You are doing too much for these lame men.

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