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Finally, Photos Suggesting That Fella Makafui Has Been Copying Sister Derby’s Fashion Style Pop Up

Finally, Photos Proving That Fella Makafui Has Been Copying Sister Derby's Fashion Style Pop Up

So grown-up Sister Derby and childish Fella Makafui are beefing──and this time, it’s not about Medikal but about who is copying whose fashion style.

Sister Derby claims Fella Makafui has been copying her fashion style as if she is the originator of a certain fashion trend.

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Fella Makafui, on the other hand, says no one owns anything when it comes to fashion styles──whatever you feel like wearing is what you wear and that she isn’t copying anything from Sister Derby.

Now, new photos trending on Instagram seem to suggest that Fella Makafui has been copying Sister Derby’s fashion style.

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Swipe to the right to check out the photos.

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