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Filipino Actors In Hollywood

Our counterparts in the Asian movie industry are making a great impact in the Hollywood scene, from the Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Filipinos.

Despite a majority of them not having 100% control over the Queen’s language, they have perfected and seem to be taking over the scene soon.

Today, we look at Filipino actors in Hollywood.

Reggie Lee

Breaking the ice for Filipino actors in Hollywood is Reggie Lee. Born and raised in the Philippines to parents who were fully Philippines, they later migrated alongside him to the USA to seek greener pastures.

Over there Reggie mastered the act of speaking very fluent English and was a member of his school’s drama club. He has currently acted in several Hollywood movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Prison Break.

Enrique Iglesias

Popularly known for his song ”Hero”, Enrique Iglesias was born and raised in Spain but had to relocate to the USA to stay with his dad and stepmother due to the rampant kidnapping of people.

He began his music career at the blind side of his dad because he dropped out of University but later became one of the hottest in the music scene. His songs sold millions and topped the Billboard charts on several occasions.

He featured in Once Upon A Time In Mexico alongside Antonio Banderas and also appeared in the series How I Met Your Mother.

Louis Philips

Born and raised in the Philippines, Louis Philips moved to the USA to further his education where he started his acting career. He has acted alongside the legendary Harrison Ford and featured in over a hundred movies.

Paolo Montalban

His parents relocated to the USA with him when he was a little boy and he has been able to educate himself and speaks English fluently.

He was cast in the Mortal Kombat movie and also acted alongside Whoopi Goldberg in Cinderella.

Jose Llana

A man of many talents, Jose Llana isn’t only good in front of the camera but also very good at singing. Beyond him melting the ladies’ hearts with his soft voice, he has also acted in several action movies such as Hitch.

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